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Havana Casino is aware of the importance of providing excellent customer support in the online gambling industry. They understand that online casino players may encounter issues or have questions which need to be addressed by a professional customer service team. Havana Casino thus offers various ways to support its online casino players.

The first way that Havana Casino provides support to its players is through email. The customer service team is available around the clock to attend to any customer concerns via email. This means that players can send their queries related to gameplay, bonuses, deposit, withdrawal, registration, technical issues or anything else to the email address provided on the website. A quick and detailed response is assured.

Secondly, Havana Casino also provides support to its customers through live chat. The casino’s website has a live chat feature that is accessible on any page. When players click on the “live chat” button, they will be connected to a customer support agent in real-time, ready to assist with any casino-related issue. This is a quick and convenient way for customers to get the Havana Casino Help they need.

Additionally, Havana Casino’s website has a comprehensive Havana Casino FAQ section that addresses the most commonly asked questions by players. This section is well-organized, and it covers different topics in detail, making it easier for players to find the information they need without having to contact customer Havana Casino Support.

Lastly, customers who feel that their questions or concerns have not been addressed using the above channels can use the contact form available on the website. The form is easy to fill, and customers will receive a response in good time. This channel allows customers to put forth their issues or questions that might require more elaboration or privacy.

In summary, Havana Casino offers email support, live chat, comprehensive FAQ and contact form channels for players to seek assistance. The customer support team is available around the clock to attend to all customer queries and concerns. Players are encouraged to contact Havana Casino’s support team via the contact form below, for all their casino-related concerns.

Name: Alejandro Martinez
Phone: +34 725 742 967
Address: Calle de la Palma, 23, Madrid, Spain 28004